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049 – Preparing for the Hunt

This week Larry is coming to us from the canopy of a giant oak tree out on the land where he spent some of his childhood years.  The giant limbs of the tree bring back memories of a simpler time, and the many days spent daydreaming of the hunts he might one day have.  Now, this is a place where Larry goes to think on, and plan for, his upcoming hunting trips.  What things should you be considering if you have an upcoming hunt?  Tune in now as Larry walks you through some of his planning stages to make sure he is prepared for hunting season.

047 – Campfire Stories with Don, Ted, and Chase

Come gather around the campfire as Larry is joined by Don Richardson, Ted Simpson, and Chase Phillips.  The gang discuss some of their recent guide trips on behalf of Wildlife Systems.  The stories unfold and drift to their favorite types of hunts as the firelight dances around their faces and the nighttime insects and frogs sing in the background.

037 – Time to Reflect

With all of the quarantine restrictions and stay at home orders in place to help combat Covid19, we all have a lot more time on our hands to sit back and reflect on some of our past successes and adventures.  Larry sits down with us today to talk about a recent Axis Deer hunt that he went on and the amazing buck that he was able to take on that trip.  He also talks about White Tail Deer hunts in Canada, as well as his preferred kill shot techniques.  Larry is also in the process of having some of his trophies honed into handles for knives, and he gives you a sneak peak at what that will look like and when to expect to see them.  So tune in now to hear more life stories from Mr. White Tail himself, and maybe learn a few things to help up your game along the way.

024 – How Ruger Influenced Our Lives

The Larry, Joe Clayton, Lee Newton, and Tom are fresh off a fantastic white tail hunt.  Larry has known Joe for nearly four decades, and Lee has known Joe for over five decades.  There is a lot of history and knowledge between these men and the gentlemen sit down to reminisce about some of the adventures they have had along the way.  The Ruger #1 has played a big role in all of these guys lives and has in some ways brought them all together.  The guys talk about how Joe got started with his first Ruger #1 and the journey that purchase took him on which also resulted in Lee coming to meet him, and Joe became one of Larry’s heroes that he looks up to still today.

016 – Deer Season is Here

Guest host John Swan sits down with Ken to discuss the ins and outs of Deer Season from a completely novice perspective. Tune in now to learn the basics as the season is kicking off, and also get to hear Ken’s favorite deer hunting stories.