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043 – Kodiak – The Alaskan Brown Bear

What does Larry consider one of the most magnificent animals on the face of this earth? Here’s a hint… they can weigh in excess of a thousand pounds and can stand nearly 12 feet tall from the tip of its nose to its toes when standing on its hind legs. It’s the Alaskan Brown Bear, aka the Kodiak!

040 – Hunting Axis Deer, Aoudads, and Nilgai Antelope

Larry leads us on a journey through three different adventures while hunting Axis Deer, Aoudads, and Nilgai Antelope. Also, we get an update from Richard Cheatham with the DSC Foundation on the international threats facing hunting today.

039 – What I use when Hunting Bears

Larry adds more detail into one of his favorite hunting topics – Bears!  In last week’s episode he detailed what hunting black bears has meant to him along his journey.  Now, he sits down and talks about a lot of the specifics he focuses on during bear hunts including  hunting techniques; baiting; gun and ammo specifics; and his thought process.

034 – After the Coyote Hunt

Following up with Larry, Gary & Steven Robertson, Craig Archer, and Eddie Stevenson as they are fresh off their coyote hunt and testing the new Burnham Brothers Coyote Call, while using Trijicon equipment and Hornady Ammo. Tune in now to to hear all about their adventures!

033 – Testing New Coyote Calls with Gary Robertson and the Gang

Gary & Steven Robertson with Burnham Brothers Game Calls are in the final stages of testing an new Coyote call they are developing for release.  The group is joined by Craig Archer and Eddie Stevenson as they discuss predator hunting and past calls.