042 – The Mighty Grizzly Bears

In this episode Larry recalls a Grizzly trio of events.  Not grizzly as in gruesome, but three separate hunts for the Mighty Grizzly Bear.  Each hunt is a unique adventure, and they all have their highs and lows, and things to teach us along the way.  Larry discusses the key features that stood out to him on each of these individual hunts.

041 – Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting can be a rather fun adventure, and in this episode, Larry takes us on a journey through some of his favorite Turkey Hunts.  He discusses a bit about the history of Turkey Hunting, as well as some of his successes and failures while calling wild turkeys along his journey.

040 – Hunting Axis Deer, Aoudads, and Nilgai Antelope

Larry leads us on a journey through three different adventures while hunting Axis Deer, Aoudads, and Nilgai Antelope. Also, we get an update from Richard Cheatham with the DSC Foundation on the international threats facing hunting today.

039 – What I use when Hunting Bears

Larry adds more detail into one of his favorite hunting topics – Bears!  In last week’s episode he detailed what hunting black bears has meant to him along his journey.  Now, he sits down and talks about a lot of the specifics he focuses on during bear hunts including  hunting techniques; baiting; gun and ammo specifics; and his thought process.

038 – Hunting the Black Bear

Ever wonder what it is to hunt the black bear?  Larry recounts his first bear hunt, and the journey of successive hunts that original experience has led to over the years.  He details different aspects of each hunt, techniques used during the hunt, and even a few close calls along the way.  To this day, hunting the black bear is one of Larry’s favorite hunts to partake in when the opportunity presents itself.

037 – Time to Reflect

With all of the quarantine restrictions and stay at home orders in place to help combat Covid19, we all have a lot more time on our hands to sit back and reflect on some of our past successes and adventures.  Larry sits down with us today to talk about a recent Axis Deer hunt that he went on and the amazing buck that he was able to take on that trip.  He also talks about White Tail Deer hunts in Canada, as well as his preferred kill shot techniques.  Larry is also in the process of having some of his trophies honed into handles for knives, and he gives you a sneak peak at what that will look like and when to expect to see them.  So tune in now to hear more life stories from Mr. White Tail himself, and maybe learn a few things to help up your game along the way.

036 – Corey Mason Talk Hunting Legislation

Larry sits down with Corey Mason, Director of the DSC, to discuss current legislation in two different states that could radically change what animals hunters can and cannot pursue.

035 – Tim Fallon and the FTW Ranch

Larry visits the FTW Ranch and sits down with Tim Fallon.  The two discuss how the ranch came about, the sportsman all weather – all terrain marksmanship training and shooting school.

034 – After the Coyote Hunt

Following up with Larry, Gary & Steven Robertson, Craig Archer, and Eddie Stevenson as they are fresh off their coyote hunt and testing the new Burnham Brothers Coyote Call, while using Trijicon equipment and Hornady Ammo. Tune in now to to hear all about their adventures!

033 – Testing New Coyote Calls with Gary Robertson and the Gang

Gary & Steven Robertson with Burnham Brothers Game Calls are in the final stages of testing an new Coyote call they are developing for release.  The group is joined by Craig Archer and Eddie Stevenson as they discuss predator hunting and past calls.