Monthly Archives: May 2020

043 – Kodiak – The Alaskan Brown Bear

What does Larry consider one of the most magnificent animals on the face of this earth? Here’s a hint… they can weigh in excess of a thousand pounds and can stand nearly 12 feet tall from the tip of its nose to its toes when standing on its hind legs. It’s the Alaskan Brown Bear, aka the Kodiak!

042 – The Mighty Grizzly Bears

In this episode Larry recalls a Grizzly trio of events.  Not grizzly as in gruesome, but three separate hunts for the Mighty Grizzly Bear.  Each hunt is a unique adventure, and they all have their highs and lows, and things to teach us along the way.  Larry discusses the key features that stood out to him on each of these individual hunts.

041 – Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting can be a rather fun adventure, and in this episode, Larry takes us on a journey through some of his favorite Turkey Hunts.  He discusses a bit about the history of Turkey Hunting, as well as some of his successes and failures while calling wild turkeys along his journey.

040 – Hunting Axis Deer, Aoudads, and Nilgai Antelope

Larry leads us on a journey through three different adventures while hunting Axis Deer, Aoudads, and Nilgai Antelope. Also, we get an update from Richard Cheatham with the DSC Foundation on the international threats facing hunting today.