Monthly Archives: March 2020

034 – After the Coyote Hunt

Following up with Larry, Gary & Steven Robertson, Craig Archer, and Eddie Stevenson as they are fresh off their coyote hunt and testing the new Burnham Brothers Coyote Call, while using Trijicon equipment and Hornady Ammo. Tune in now to to hear all about their adventures!

033 – Testing New Coyote Calls with Gary Robertson and the Gang

Gary & Steven Robertson with Burnham Brothers Game Calls are in the final stages of testing an new Coyote call they are developing for release.  The group is joined by Craig Archer and Eddie Stevenson as they discuss predator hunting and past calls.

032 – DSC’s Wildlife Wednesdays

Larry visits with Carson Keys and Nate Watson from the Dallas Safari Club.  Carson and Nate describe their individual roles within the organization, as well as discussing DSC’s new program, Wildlife Wednesdays.  Tune in now to learn more about what DSC is currently doing and how to find a chapter near you.

031 – Jackie Guccini Extreme Huntress

Larry sits down with Jacquelyn Gross Guccini, one of the four finalists for the Ultimate Extreme Huntress.  Jackie currently resides in Colorado and is the winner of the 2012 Extreme Huntress competition.  Jackie talks about how she got started in hunting and fishing, how involved her kids are in the sport, and how important it is that more women get involved in the hunting community and industry.