Monthly Archives: February 2020

030 – Extreme Huntress Angie Tennison

In this episode we have Angie Tennison, winner of the 2011 Extreme Huntress competition. Angie was recently in the Ultimate Extreme Huntress competition in 2019 and Larry had the opportunity to sit down and talk with her. They discuss what got her started in Hunting, memories of her first hunt and favorite hunts, how she has gotten her kids involved, and advice that she would give to others interested in getting started in hunting.

029 – Lyme Disease with Sharon Schwan

In our ongoing coverage of Lyme Disease, the team sits down with Sharon Schwan of the Texas Lyme Disease Association.  Being able to know the signs and symptoms is just as important as prevention.  Sharon takes us on a walk down her journey on discovering she had the disease, and the symptoms she has endured.

028 – We Found Larry

The question of “Where in the World is Larry Weishuhn” has finally been answered… He’s right here!  After a few weeks of crazy schedules and coming down with the crud, Larry finally rejoins Ken and John in the studio.  The guys unwind and unpack all the tidbits of tails that Larry has from his recent travels, as well as laying out a few sneak peaks at things to come.

027 – Interview with Sam Coffman

Ken and John are still playing “where in the world is Larry Weishuhn.”  However, the guys have brought in a very special guest, Sam Coffman, with them today.  Sam is the owner of The Human Path, and he is here in order to help give us all knowledge on valuable survival skills to cultivate while out there in the wilderness.  Tune in now to learn some very interesting life saving attributes that can be found in some very common plants!