Monthly Archives: January 2020

026 – Interview with Macy Ledbetter

Macy Ledbetter with Spring Creek Outdoors joins Ken and John on this weeks episode to discuss early prep for the next deer season.  Despite the fact that deer season just now ended doesn’t mean that its time to take a break. In fact, it is time to get back out there and start making the preparations to ensure that your upcoming season is even more successful than the last.  In addition to this, Macy also talks about a very important conservation project that he is working on along with Texas Wildlife Association to repopulate white tail deer on a two million acre section of land in south Texas that was devastated recently and lost its entire deer population.

025 – Exotic Wildlife Association with Charly Seale

While Larry is off on another adventure, Ken and John sit down with Charly Seale from the Exotic Wildlife Association. They guys discuss the importance of wildlife conservation and how the EWA has been able to re-establish exotic wildlife in their native habitats by using exotic ranches here in Texas and other places to help support and sustain each species where it can thrive again.

024 – How Ruger Influenced Our Lives

The Larry, Joe Clayton, Lee Newton, and Tom are fresh off a fantastic white tail hunt.  Larry has known Joe for nearly four decades, and Lee has known Joe for over five decades.  There is a lot of history and knowledge between these men and the gentlemen sit down to reminisce about some of the adventures they have had along the way.  The Ruger #1 has played a big role in all of these guys lives and has in some ways brought them all together.  The guys talk about how Joe got started with his first Ruger #1 and the journey that purchase took him on which also resulted in Lee coming to meet him, and Joe became one of Larry’s heroes that he looks up to still today.

023 – Lymes Disease with Kevin Engler

Larry and Ken sit down with Kevin Engler to discuss Lyme’s Disease.  For anyone who spends time in the great outdoors, ticks can be a real issue.  Ticks can also carry diseases that can then be transmitted to people in some instances.  Kevin Engler, of the Out Door Tomorrow Foundation, was recently diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease that was contracted from a tick bite.  Kevin sits down with the guys and  talks about the signs, diagnosis, and treatments that one can expect if you contract this disease.