Monthly Archives: December 2019

022 – Fine Art of Javelina Skinning

Larry is joined by Greg Simons and Justin Wegner as the group is fresh off a hunt that was filmed for DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon. The guys discuss their most recent hunt, past Mule Deer hunts, Texas Elk, a leopard-less leopard tree, and the fine art of Javelina hunting and skinning.

021 – Hog Hunting with TX Raised Hunting Products

Larry sits down again with the guys from Texas Raised Hunting Products to discuss hunting wild hogs.  And, there definitely is no shortage of hogs to hunt!

020 – Texas Big Game Awards with David Brimager

Larry Sits down with David Brimager of the Texas Wildlife Associations to discuss the history and importance of the Texas Big Game Awards.

019 – Biggest TX Mule Deer with Greg Simons

Larry sits down with Greg Simons as he gets a Mule Deer scored for the Texas Big Game Awards. Greg shot this deer in west Texas, and it would go on to be the biggest non-typical Mule Deer taken in the state of Texas! Tune in with us now to learn more about his magnificent animal, as well as more about some of Greg and Larry’s previous Mule Deer Hunts.