Monthly Archives: November 2019

018 – White Tail Hunts and First Bucks

In this episode Larry explains the significance of the Nov 16th date in his life. It is the opening of dear season, and he is Mr. White-Tail after all. Go back with Larry and learn where it all started as he recounts his very first white-tail hunt.

017 – Lions, Coyotes, and Bears

Larry and Ken continue their conversation with Gary Robertson of Burnham Brother’s Game Calls.  The guys discuss using predator calls while winding their way through their own personal stories of encounters with Lions, Cougars, Coyotes, and Bears!

016 – Deer Season is Here

Guest host John Swan sits down with Ken to discuss the ins and outs of Deer Season from a completely novice perspective. Tune in now to learn the basics as the season is kicking off, and also get to hear Ken’s favorite deer hunting stories.

015 – Predator Calls with Gary Robertson

The guys meet back up with Gary Robertson from Burnham Brothers Game Calls to talk predator calling.  From consulting the solunar calendar to know when certain animals will be up and about, to using different calls for different effects… Tune in now to learn how you can utilize these methods to pull in specific animals, from predator to prey.