Monthly Archives: June 2019

003 – Summertime Snakes and Fishing

  • What does summertime mean to you?  With summer comes a heatwave, and with the heat comes snakes and the potential for snake bites.  But, summer is also a great time for Fly Fishing!   Looking for a good fight?  Carp can be an easy fish to catch while providing a nice challenge to land the catch.  Or, perhaps you use the summer as a time to prep for Fall and Winter hunting activities.  This is a great time to scout potential deer hunting, prep the local forage, and setup a blind.  Larry and Ken discuss these concepts and more as they reminisce about their favorite summertime activities and how everything we do can help habitat conservation.

002 – Sunrise on Lake Buchanan

While sitting along the water’s edge at Lake Buchanan as the sun rises, Larry and Ken discuss the history of the hill country in central Texas. Mountain lions, bears and hogs… oh my!   From the history of wild hogs in Texas, to the uses of plants in the wild, no subject is off limits once these guys get going.

001 – Gun and Hunter Safety

In this inaugural episode of DSC’s Untamed Heritage, Larry and Ken discuss the importance of gun safety in hunting while recalling stories from their past. Hunter’s safety is very important to start learning from a young age and these men have stories to tell.  As the tales unfold, we her about near misses and first hand encounters of accidentally being shot.  Tune in, listen up, and learn from the stories that have shaped their lives.