052 – Wild Hogs with Luke Clayton and Jeff Rice

Today Larry sits down with Luke Clayton from Luke Clayton Outdoors on Catfish Radio, and Jeff Rice from the Buck and Bass Ranch out in Lake Fork Texas.  The guys talk about the history and origin of wild hogs, hunting hogs, and even preparing and cooking the pork without fear of Trichinosis.  The group also discuss how the show “A Sportsman’s Life” came to be and what it is all about.

051 – Pre-Taxidermy Considerations and Preparations

Larry is very particular when it comes to taxidermy work and the way his prized trophies are prepared and represented.  Today he sits down with Jon Wilson from Double Nickel Taxidermy to discuss the steps that need to be taken by the hunter right from the moment the shot is made in the field to ensure that your final trophy mount has the best chances to be top quality.

050 – Staying Vigilant During These Changing Times

In these interesting times, things can change very quickly.  Larry sits down with Executive Director, Corey Mason, from DSC to discuss the diversity of the day.  Tune in now to get updates on the California Senate Bill 1175, information on the New Zealand Tahr Culling issues, more about Hunters C.A.R.E., and exciting updates about the 2021 DSC Convention.  Plus, things hunters should be keeping an eye on with continuing legislation here in the United States.

049 – Preparing for the Hunt

This week Larry is coming to us from the canopy of a giant oak tree out on the land where he spent some of his childhood years.  The giant limbs of the tree bring back memories of a simpler time, and the many days spent daydreaming of the hunts he might one day have.  Now, this is a place where Larry goes to think on, and plan for, his upcoming hunting trips.  What things should you be considering if you have an upcoming hunt?  Tune in now as Larry walks you through some of his planning stages to make sure he is prepared for hunting season.

048 – The Importance of DSC and the DSC Foundation

There are currently a lot of urgent things going on in these trying times.  From pressing issues on anti-hunting, to the on-going crisis with Covid19, it is important to stay on top of the issues and get a handle on them before they get out of control.  DSC and the DSC Foundation are working hard to help protect hunters, legal hunting practices, and wildlife conservation.  Tune in now to hear the latest from these wonderful organization on how they are helping to combat these threats during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

047 – Campfire Stories with Don, Ted, and Chase

Come gather around the campfire as Larry is joined by Don Richardson, Ted Simpson, and Chase Phillips.  The gang discuss some of their recent guide trips on behalf of Wildlife Systems.  The stories unfold and drift to their favorite types of hunts as the firelight dances around their faces and the nighttime insects and frogs sing in the background.

046 – Hunters CARE – Covid Antipoaching Relief Efforts

The effects of COVID19 has far reaching effects that create a domino effect across many more aspects of our lives than we might often realize.  The restrictions put in place on travel and gatherings not only impacts local businesses, but it also has a lasting impression on conservation efforts in countries that depending solely upon travel and hunting to fund anti-poaching and other conservation and wildlife management efforts.

045 – DSC’s Nate and Carson Talk Favorite Hunts

Larry sits down with Nate and Carson from DSC as they talk about current hunts they’ve drawn for this year and reminisce about why they love hunting and some of their favorite hunts that stand out to them, even if it just involves a stick and string, or a BB Gun.  Plus, we get an update from them on DSC membership and its local chapter programs.

044 – The Attack on Legal Hunting & Wildlife Trade

Larry sits down with Corey Mason from DSC to discuss the import and export of animals and animal parts.  Learn how some organizations have used the COVID19 crisis as a springboard to attack the legal hunting and trade of wildlife.

043 – Kodiak – The Alaskan Brown Bear

What does Larry consider one of the most magnificent animals on the face of this earth? Here’s a hint… they can weigh in excess of a thousand pounds and can stand nearly 12 feet tall from the tip of its nose to its toes when standing on its hind legs. It’s the Alaskan Brown Bear, aka the Kodiak!